for the truly same day freshness experience 

 Hey guys no pickups before Saturday 5/26/2018. 

Well we were picking lots of  Asparagus but the cold weather shut it down, we have plenty of honey and the chickens are keeping up with current demand for eggs.  You order and we pick it.  You’re not selecting from veggies that have been picked three or four days ago and been transferred from field to packing shed, to cold storage, to truck, to warehouse, back to truck, and into store.  We pick for you the day you are going to pick up.  Pick-Up days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Place your order the day before and we will pick it the morning you wish to pick it up when it is at its freshest.  The vegetables you pick up will be same day harvest.  They are never sprayed with preservatives to keep them fresh. Tomatoes are a couple of weeks off for current available

If you would like to bring the family and tour the farm and have a picnic on the lawn, just let me know so we can schedule a time for you to do that.